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Jacksonville newborn photography is something I love doing with a passion. Typically, it is best to take these pictures when the newborn is between 1 and 3 weeks old. We schedule 2 to 3 months in advance to ensure we can best accommodate the upcoming little one. Don’t worry if you are uncertain of the exact date in the future; we are aware of this and have flexibility in our calendar to ensure we can move things around.

Our commercial studio has extensive props, fabrics and outfits to create these magical moments for your family photos. I love photographing twin newborns. As a mom of twins myself, I can understand the extra challenges. I offer many different themes and options for maternity,  newborn, and first-year milestone packages.

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Fine Art Newborn Petite



  • 30 to 45-minute session in our studio
  • 1-2 Prop/ Beanbag Setups (Depending on time)
  • Swaddled poses only – no nudes or outfits (wrapped only)
  • 5 edited & lightly retouched digital images 
  • Gallery proofs of unedited photos sent to the client for selection

Fine Art Newborn Basic



  • 60-90 minute session in our studio
  • 2-3 Prop/ Beanbag Setups (Depending on time)
  • Swaddled poses only – no nudes or outfits (wrapped only)
  • 10 edited & lightly retouched digital images 
  • Gallery proofs of unedited photos sent to the client for selection

Fine Art Newborn Complete



  • 120 to 150-minute session in our studio
  • 4-6 Prop/ Beanbag Setups (Depending on time)
  • Swaddled & Nude poses
  • 20 edited & lightly retouched digital images 
  • Gallery proofs of unedited photos sent to the client for selection

Additional Options

Additional digital images – $25/each

Family & SiblingPortrait add-on (white, black, or grey backdrop) – $50

Mommy & baby pose – $95

Twins with an extra hour – $150

Special Add-Ons

Overlays added to photo – $50/each

Composite images – starting at$95/each

Photos are delivered within 3 weeks of client selection

Rush Fee (72hr delivery) – starting at$150

Outdoor and on location – $150 plus additional travel costs. Click here to see the photo guide for more details and location ideas.

Color selections are made after booking

Purple/ Lavendar

Dark Blue/ Navy Blue

Brown/Neutral (Vintage)

Green/ Sage

Dark Brown/ Neutral

Pink/Blue Combo (Mermaid)

Warm & Sunny, yellow/orange

Light/Medium Blues

Neutrals (Spring Bunny)

Blue and gold combo (Fall colors)

Dark Green/ Hunter Green


Neutrals/ Ivory/ Mossy Green

Neutrals/ Ivory/ Light Brown (Boho)

Mossy Green/ Neutrals

Blues/ Wood combo

Light/ Dark Green Combo

Purple/ Greens Combo

Simple Black

Props are selected after booking


Colors set the mood when it comes to visual imagery. If you have specific ideas in mind, tell us! We love to incorporate your ideas & come up with creative ways to tell your story. Let us know your favorite colors and any special themes you would like to incorporate. We have an assortment of fabrics and textures available; however, if you have something specific in mind, you may want to bring the items needed or check with us first.

Outfits & Themes

Outfits and themes are not required for newborn sessions. However, there might be something particularly special to you and your family that you may want to commemorate. Feel free to be creative, but be aware that oftentimes less is truly more. While we recognize there are so many things to choose from, try to select your favorite 2-3 colors or props or a couple of inspirational images,  as you will find that dress changes are particularly bothersome for the baby and may ruin their mood.

Still have questions?

Preparing for a newborn photography session is an exciting and memorable experience for both moms and their precious little ones. To ensure you make the most of this special occasion, here are 3 things to help guide your experience to getting the best from your photography session.

1. Timing is Crucial: Newborns are at their sleepiest and most cooperative during the first 2-3 weeks of life. So, schedule your session during this time frame to capture those adorable, curled-up poses. We advise booking your session well in advance, ideally during your pregnancy, to secure a spot as our schedule gets busy and sometimes full. We have the expertise to handle and pose your baby safely. Keep in mind that patience is key, as these sessions can take time due to the unpredictable nature of babies. This is why sessions are a bit longer than you would expect. We work at the baby’s pace to ensure a smooth session.

2. Colors, Props, and Accesories: You’ll want your baby to look their absolute cutest for the photographs. Planning on color schemes is an important part of that. We have nearly all colors and various posing props to select from. Timeless outfits are always recommended and we have plenty of those. Be sure to let us know and bring in any specialized or unique outfits and items that hold sentimental value that you want to be included in your newborn session. Additionally, if you purchasethe family add-on, don’t forget to choose clothing for yourself that coordinates with the baby’s outfit and the overall style you desire for the photographs.

3. Relax and Enjoy the Experience: Finally, remember that newborn photography sessions are as much about creating beautiful memories as they are about capturing stunning images. Relax, trust our photography expertise, and enjoy the experience. You may want to bring a few items from home, such asa favorite blanket or stuffed animal, to add a personal touch to the photos. We will guide you through the session, ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety are the top priorities. Cherish the opportunity to capture these precious moments and you’ll have heartwarming images to treasure for years to come.

During your studio newborn session, you can expect a warm and inviting environment designed to keep your baby comfortable and safe.

The session will typically last a few hours, depending on the package selected. This is to allow ample time for feeding, soothing, and posing your baby.

We are experienced photographers fully prepared to handle your newborn with the utmost care, ensuring their safety and well-being at all times. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from a varietyof props, wraps, and outfits to create a personalized and beautiful collection of images.

We encourage parents to relax and enjoy the experience, as capturing these precious moments is our primary goal. We will guide you through the process, and we’re dedicated to creating timeless, artistic, and heartwarming photographs that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Newborn photography, Jacksonville FL, Carolennys Studios, nautical newborn photography